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Our number 1 priority

Credit card, ACH, and Check processing with low, clear rates.

Credit Card Processing

Clear & straightforward pricing without the 
used-car salesman talk.

Credit card processing can feel like used car pricing or airline tickets. You’ll never know if the guy next
to you is paying a whole lot less for the same thing.

Fortunately for you, there’s Loop, powered by Clearent.

How Credit Card Fees Work

Customer Pays You


Bank Takes


Card Network Takes


Payment Processor Takes


Goes to Merchant


Do you know how much your current merchant service company is charging you?

This information is often purposely hidden in your statements, and your rep may be ambiguous about what your rate really is.

We pledge to:

  • Show you how much you are really paying currently.
  • Give you an honest, transparent proposal of our rates and services.
  • Ensure that your payment process will be optimized to get the best possible rates from Visa/MC/Amex.


We integrate with Loop’s no-monthly-fee payment gateway that includes integrations with Salesforce and popular web forms. We also integrate with and UsaEpay if you prefer to use
those gateways.


With our low and transparent fee schedule, we can show you on paper how your current merchant service rates compare to Loop.


With simple to implement practices, we can show you how you can lower your card and bank fees with just minor changes to your website.

ACH/Bank Transfer

With ACH payments as an alternative to credit card, you can enjoy significantly lower fees. Collect payment through Salesforce, your website, or entered manually.

Virtual Terminal

With our easy to use virtual terminal you can process credit card and ACH payments from anywhere, with only your web browser.

Check Processing

Flat rate check processing

Checks are still a thing, even today! (Who would’ve thought?) Loop Check Merchant Services can process your checks through Remote Deposit or ACH conversion. 

Do you process more than 30 checks weekly? With quick funding times, including rush funding available, and low, flat rate pricing, processing checks electronically is a no-brainer for your organization or company.

Virtual Terminal

We can help you process checks digitally, even if your volume doesn’t require a check scanning solution. Simply enter the check details into our Virtual Terminal, and your check will be processed immediately. No more trips to the bank, duplicate data entry, and piles of paperwork.


If you are not using Salesforce, we can push your check deposits anywhere, to a different CRM or even to a simple spreadsheet. Dynamic rules can notify the right person when a high value check is processed, or with any other metric, such as the day totals or number of checks processed.

Custom Services

Enjoy a free audit of your existing workflow and processes, and we’ll show you how a bit of well-implemented software can free up your staff, reduce data entry errors, and move data to the right people at the right time, effortlessly.
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