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Loop payment software boasts tight integration with Salesforce and a high level of flexibility so that you can implement it the way that works best for your business.

LoopPay for Salesforce

Process credit cards directly in Salesforce

Your payments your way

Our native Salesforce application allows you to create payments in any object within Salesforce. Built with flexibility in mind a myriad of settings options, you choose the fields and records to create each time a payment is made, so you can continue to use Salesforce the way you want to.


We comply with all PCI and industry standard security regulations and recommendations. Card data is never stored within Salesforce, and is tokenized at the gateway. You can store the card tokens in Salesforce for all of your contacts or accounts, so that future or recurring payments can be made easily and securely.

Payments Anywhere

Do you accept payments using terminals and portable card readers? Or online using webforms or shopping carts? 
No problem. All payments, including captured cardholder data, can be sent to Salesforce. Automation rules can relate the payments to existing contacts or create new ones. Or you may choose to manually review and decide. 
Create new Opportunities, or apply the payments to existing open ones. Or you can make it depend on other factors. You decide and set all the rules. 
We can support even the most complex logic and multi-branch business flows.


Loop supports payments made with Loop Merchant Services, as well as with any other provider, through our USAePay and integrations.

Payment request forms

Send payment links to customers so they can pay their open balance online. Their Salesforce record will be updated automatically.


Leverage the power of Salesforce automation with automated receipts, decline and error alerts, activity reports, or any other notification or action.

Recurring Billing/Donations

Create payments on any schedule, including weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Powerful reporting allows you to forecast your expected cash flow or missed payments.

Check Scanning for Salesforce

Scan and process check payments into Salesforce in a single pass


Use your Check Scanner to scan your incoming checks in batch, and upload the scan file right to our interface. Our simple, zero-training interface will allow any operator to review the batch and key in amounts, before sending to Salesforce.

Send to Salesforce

Loop Check Scanning will sync all of your contacts or accounts from Salesforce. Select the payor from your list of contact or create a new contacts right from the check review interface. Have repeat donors or payors? We’ll remember if a check was given before, and automatically link future checks from the same person automatically, significantly decreasing your check entry time.


Our check processing merchant services will get you up and running in no time. Choose from standard or expedited funding times at low per-transaction rates.

Automation Rules

You set the business rules on how the check
payment should be applied within Salesforce.
Your check payments will be scanned error free
and with minimal data entry.

Donor Advised Fund Payments

Increase your bottom line by offering your donors additional payment options.

Our proprietary plugin for Gravity Forms (on Wordpress) allows your donors to use their Donor Advised Fund cards (currently supporting OJC and The Donors Fund) to make single and recurring payments.


Make single or recurring payments.
OJC allows you to split the donation amount over a number of months.
You'll see the payment post instantly.

The Donors Fund

Make one time and recurring payments.
Set the start date, number of times to recur, and multiple schedule options, such as monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly.

Custom Services

Enjoy a free audit of your existing workflow and processes, and we’ll show you how a bit of well-implemented software can free up your staff, reduce data entry errors, and move data to the right people at the right time, effortlessly.
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“Loop Pay allows me to store the card tokens in Salesforce
for all of my contacts and accounts, enabling me to make payments easily and securely."
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Process credit card and check payments while avoiding manual entry into your CRM system.
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